All for Glory of Jesus Christ

Let me write the list of differences between boys and men:

Boys: like the games of heart.
Men: don’t like the games of heart. They are so serious with the heart.

Boys: are so afraid of rejection that is why they are willing to do anything than to be rejected.
Men: are afraid of rejection too, but they… are willing to take a risk of rejection since they know that in life there are always risks.

Boys: have so high ego, so when they are rejected, they thought their ego are scratched and ruined to the doom.
Men: have a moderate ego, so when they are rejected, they hurt too, but their ego are well and they didn’t think it’s so personal.

Boys: when the girls/women they love are with someone else, they think that the one who gets the girls/women are their enemy and they hate him so much.
Men: can accept the defeat so manly and shake the man sincerely.

Boys: when rejected they will say so many mean words to the girls/women, keep pushing her to accept them, bribe her, threat her, and anything you can’t imagine.
Men: when rejected they will accept it, give the woman a space and time to think about it again, and when it’s final, he will manly accept it and wish her the best sincerely.

Boys: always think that winning girls’/women’s heart are about winning or losing. It’s all about war and competition.
Men: winning women’s heart are important too for them, but they didn’t think it’s as a war or competition. It’s about showing her the deepest meaning of his heart.

Boys: always fall in love with wrong girls/women and later when rejected will accuse her to be a mean one.
Men: only fall in love with women since they are mature enough to know the difference between girls and women. When they are rejected, they will accept it maturely and wisely.

Boys: always think that apologizes are only for the weak ones.
Men: always think that apologizes are only for the strong ones.

Boys: have never introspected of their own. They only like to blame someone.
Men: always introspect himself. They didn’t blame someone so easily.

Boys: rude and have no manner at all.
Men: although not all of them are mastering manner, but they are willing to learn. Being rude are such a big NO for them.

Boys: treat girls/women as a thing they can show off everywhere.
Men: treat women as a precious someone they will guard and take care of.

Boys: only want to be understood.
Men: are willing to understand more than to be understood.

Boys: will write so many comments below to say that they are not as what written here.
Men: will read these quietly, nodded in some sentences, and introspect themselves to be a better men.

So, are you boys or men? 🙂 To be a boy it is only by birth, but to be a man it is only by decision. Please choose the right one!

(PS: Thanks to Yani Herawati for suggesting me to write this in the blog. Great idea! 🙂 Thanks.)

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