All for Glory of Jesus Christ

Let me write the list of differences between girls and women:

Girls: like the games of heart and playing hard to get.
Women: don’t like the games of heart. They understand and appreciate the men’s attention but didn’t playing hard to get.

Girls: hard to please, didn’t tell exactly what they want, and hope that the boys/the men can read her mind LOL!!! (do you think all boys and men are fortunetellers?)
Women: are not always easy to please too, but they will tell exactly what they want and expect the boys/men to do it. When the boys and men do that, they will give highly appreciation to them.

Girls: can’t be trusted since they love telling gossips everywhere. Boys wonder why they like this one since she can’t keep her mouth shout.
Women: can be trusted since they know that they should keep the secrets to themselves. Boys and men knows that their secrets are safe with the women.

Girls: always after fun and excitement and don’t want to get committed. Later she will regret it and say that there are no good guys around anymore.
Women: like fun and excitement too, but she is always serious with relationship and want to get committed when she meets the right one.

Girls: always love the bad boys, but later will cry so many months after that since she is cheated and dumped for other girls.
Women: always love the good men and when she patiently waits, she will have a good men :).

Girls: always think that apologizes are for the weak.
Women: always think that apologizes are for the strong.

Girls: have never introspected of their own. They only like to blame someone.
Women: always introspect herself. They didn’t blame someone so easily.

Girls: selfish, spoiled, and immature.
Women: tend to care for others, independent, and mature.

Girls: love the attentions so much, no wonder people know them as drama queens.
Women: love the attentions too, but they didn’t do things dramatically to draw attentions. They just do what they have to do and attentions come directly.

Girls: treat boys/men as a thing they can show off to anyone.
Women: treat men as a precious someone they will love and take care of.

Girls: only want to be understood.
Women: are willing to understand more than to be understood.

Girls: can’t control herself to buy things she doesn’t need and later ends with so many debts and cry over her boys/men to pay the debts for her.
Women: can control herself very well. She only buys things she needs and the men are happy with them since the women can manage the money well.

Girls: always hope the boys/men to buy her things and will tell the world that they are stingy since rarely buy her something
Women: didn’t hope the men to buy her things but will show the men appreciation when they do that for her.

Girls: will be angry and talk behind my back that they are not as what written here, and maybe write a lot of comments here LOL!!
Women: will admit that they are not perfect and they are willing to learn. They will also share this to other women as well.

So, ladies, are you girls or women? 🙂 To be a girl it is only by birth, but to be a woman it is only by decision. Please choose the right one!

– Thanks to Lenny Halim for asking me the differences between girls and women. It complemented the previous comparation between boys and men. Thanks! ).
-Thanks to Yani Herawati for suggesting me to write this in the blog. Great idea! 🙂 Thanks.)

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